Burn the Fat, Not the Cash

The recessionary lifestyle has led many folks to trim the gym membership from their budgets.  But it is precisely now that everyone should focus on preventative care and stay as healthy as possible, because it doesn’t take much more than a trip to the emergency room to drain your rainy day fund.  And while most health insurance coverage leave a lot to be desired, several offer a benefit that very few people take advantage of – discounts and savings for health club memberships.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan, for example, reimburses up to $150 in membership fees  for each calendar year.  CIGNA also offers numerous discounts to various health clubs, such as the Sports Club and Bally Total Fitness.  A one year membership at Bally with nationwide access will cost around $590, while the same membership will cost around $395 with CIGNA’s discount.  This is a huge $200 in savings.  So check out what kind of healthy club membership discounts and savings your health insurance has to offer before you decide to quit or join a gym.


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