Money Under Your Futon was first conceived during a lunch break at TGIF at Tyson’s Corner. After a long day of swiping our credit cards, our conversation inevitably got to personal finance – namely, taxes. It was tax season and we had talked about different forms, deductions, and credits several times over the last few months, much to the amusement of our friends.

When we graduated, we were befuddled by the many personal finance decisions we suddenly had to make, from the simple, such as opening a bank account that had ATMs beyond campus borders, to the more complicated, such as 401k versus Roth IRAs. We found there was no single comprehensive source for people who had just started working – either they were catered towards adults balancing retirement and paying for their children’s college or they were outdated. Over the past two years, we have researched personal finance topics way beyond the interest of the average person, picking and choosing resources as relevant to our needs.

After seeing our efforts come into fruition in the shape of cash back, free flights, and lavish dinners (not just TGIF) and realizing that too many people our age do no take advantage of many financial opportunities, we created this blog. Because we live in the DC area, some of the entries may be region-specific, but we hope most of them will be relevant outside the beltway as well. Enjoy!