Traveling Green Rewards More than Just the Environment

Amtrak also has its own frequent traveler program – Amtrak Guest Rewards.  It works just like airline frequent flier programs, allowing you to earn points for Amtrak rides (2 points per dollar spent on Amtrak travel) and through hotel, car rental, and other partners.  If you travel by Amtrak for work or pleasure, even if not frequently, you should consider opening an account.  The Guest Rewards points don’t expire as long as you take an Amtrak trip every 3 years.  And if you are a Zipcar member, you should definitely look into this program.  You can get an Amtrak point for every dollar you spend on Zipcar – just make sure to add your Amtrak Guest Rewards number to your Zipcar account (“my stuff” > “me” > “thank me”).

You’ll need 3,000 points for a ticket on the Northeast Line, but if you’re going out of town and are looking for a fun alternative to the typical road trip, Amtrak has some special routes with unreserved coach tickets for just 1,000 points, like the Pacific Surfliner (includes Santa Barbara-LA-San Diego) and the Downeaster (Boston-Maine).

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