Summer Training: Deals on Amtrak

The bus is undoubtedly the cheapest way to travel in the Northeast corridor, but the train has its convenience, too – namely, not getting stuck in weekend traffic.  And as an added upside, Amtrak is offering a 25% discount on the lowest available fares on the Northeast Regional throughout the summer.  Here are some of the new rates under this promotion:

Boston – New York                                         $49

New York – Philadelphia                               $34

New York – Washington, DC                        $49

Philadelphia – Washington, DC                  $33

For more routes visit the Amtrak website.  This sale is going on until September 3rd and requires purchasing 14 days in advance.  For the rest of the year, there is actually another deal with similar prices and also requiring advance booking, but is only for Saturday and Sunday travel, with a maximum one night stay.

Last week, I also mentioned Amtrak’s frequent traveler program, Guest Rewards, which is similar to airline programs but awards points per dollar spent rather than distance traveled.  If you have a Guest Rewards account, using the deals above does not have to mean losing out on points – until August 31st, Amtrak is also giving 100 bonus points for travel on Coach class, 200 for Business, and 400 for First Class on all trains in all routes.  Just make sure to log into your Guest Rewards account and register for the offer (I try to do this as soon as I find out about it, so that I can forget about it and not have to worry about finding the link again when I decide to travel).  Better than these discounts and bonus points is only when Amtrak finally makes wireless available on its trains!


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