Guard Your Miles

A while back, I received a piece of mail from US Airways regarding my Dividend Miles.  It looked official enough, complete with a message from the Director of Marketing Programs, and warned that my Dividend Miles will expire in a month, lest I redeem them for some magazine subscriptions!  It immediately aroused my suspicions – I have to redeem my miles but my only options are magazine subscriptions?  I called US Airways, where the representative on the phone assured me that my miles are in no danger of expiring for another 17 months and that the letter must be a mistake.

Mistake or a scam?  Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  Both oneworld and Star Alliance only require activity (i.e., earning or redeeming your miles) every 18 months in order for your miles to remain active; SkyTeam 12 months.  In any event, remember that you are an educated college grad, not some average Joe,  and I would hate to know that you could be fooled by something like this.


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