Keep the Chatter, Trim down the Bill

Talk is not always cheap. With monthly rates that can go upwards of $100, cell phone bills can eat up a pretty hefty chunk of your disposable income. While getting rid of cell phones altogether is not an option for most of us (though you may decide you don’t really need a landline), you may still want to look into some ways to cut your cell phone bill:

Family Plans, Even with Friends – Creating or adding yourself into a cell phone family plan can help you save a lot of money – and no, not only if you get your parents to foot your part of the bill. While starting rates for individual cell phone plans are generally $20 or $30 per month, the monthly cost of each additional person on a family plan is usually only $10. So, for example, if you have an individual plan with at&t that gives you 450 minutes for $40 per month, you might want to consider getting a family plan with two friends (or family members, of course) for 1400 minutes and split the cost, $33 each. And as a bonus, you’re at least guaranteed to talk for free between you.

Downgrade by Picking Your Favorite People – T-Mobile’s MyFaves and Verizon’s Family & Friends are great offers that can probably help you save on a monthly plan. Under these offers, you can choose 5 phone numbers (presumably the ones you call the most) to which you can call for free – obviously, you should not add phone numbers that already belong to your cell phone network; it is free to call them anyway. Chances are that there really are a handful of numbers that take up the bulk of your calling time, and if those don’t use up your minutes, you might be able to step down to a cheaper monthly plan.

Check Corporate – Many larger employers have deals with cell phone companies that extend to personal plans for employees. I get 15% off the fixed monthly costs on my T-Mobile cell phone bill (including on the text message package) through my work, for example, and I know at&t offers corporate discounts as well. While saving $7.50 a month (roughly my discount) may not seem like that much, it adds up to $90 a year. And the larger your cell phone plan, the larger the value of your savings. Look through your intranet to find out whether there might be a cell phone discount waiting for you – it may not be heavily advertised, but it is probably an easy way to save a good amount of money every month.


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