Get the Coupons, Get the Groceries, Skip the Clipping

If you, like most people, don’t like grocery coupons because of the hassle of clipping, filing, and sorting through them, there is an online solution for you.  We all know about getting coupon codes or printing coupons online through manufacturer, supermarket, and independent sites, but a Procter & Gamble and an AOL website offer something even better – online coupons that can be uploaded directly to your store card.  Once you register your store card at P&G eSAVER and, their respective programs, you can scroll through the available coupons and upload as many as you want.  The two programs are affiliated with almost all of the same stores, including Kroger and Safeway, and allow you to use each coupon once.

P&G eSAVER’s coupons cover a wide range of products manufactured by Procter & Gamble, from Pringles to Bounty paper towels and from Nyquil to the Swiffer line.  The number of coupons offered at is smaller but covers some popular items such as Cheerios, Nature Valley granola bars, and Betty Crocker products.

New coupons are issued periodically, and there is no penalty for unused coupons.  And just like a paper coupon, they can also be combined with store discounts.  That means that once they are uploaded to your store card, you can forget about them and still get a nice surprise at the check out counter.  All without clipping, filing, or holding up the line as you shuffle through your wallet for coupons.


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  1. Their coupons may cover a wide range of products, but they aren’t connected to a wide range of stores. I never heard of most of them–Vons? Krogers?, so these services are of little use to anybody in say the Boston area, until they get more stores online.

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