August Is Restaurant Month

I hope you have worked up an appetite this summer, because Restaurant Week has finally arrived this summer.  This semi-annual affair first started in the 1980s and has hence become one of the most highly-anticipated events of the season.  Prices this year (depending on the city) are set at $20.09-24.07 for the prix-fixe lunch and $33.09-35 for dinner.  If you have never participated at a Restaurant Week, I highly encourage you to try this year.  If you do your research in advance (for which Zagat is a great resource), you might be getting a three-course culinary masterpiece at some of the finest restaurants in town at a fraction of the usual cost.

While the official NYC’s official Restaurant Week was supposed to have ended on July 31st, it has now been extended through Labor Day (click here for more information).  And Boston and DC are having their Restaurant Weeks from August 9-21 and August 24-30, respectively.  Experience tells us that these dates will most likely be extended as well.  Once you have created a list of restaurants to check out, be sure to make your reservations at OpenTable so you can collect points for a gift certificate for your next meal.  Happy Eating!


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