Home Away From Home

With less than a month of summer left, are you planning any last minute getaways?  If so, you might want to forgo the hotel option and try for a home rental instead, especially if you are traveling with one or several friends.  Gone are the days when a vacation rental was only for a week out on the beach.  Now many condos in large urban cities are offered for week-long or month-long rentals.  While prices may not be that much less expensive than hotels, your house/condo will likely be nicely furnished, be in a great location, and come equipped with a kitchen and living room.  For example, there is a condo rental in Soho NY going for $150/day that sleeps four people.  And in DC, you and two buddies can spend the night in a remodeled historic firehouse in downtown for only $135/day.  Split these prices and you’ll be able to splurge elsewhere while in town, such as a dinner during Restaurant Week.  The only downside is that a lot of places require that you book it for at least week, but great deals are still out there.

A home rental may also be a fitting choice if you have family visiting and you don’t want them encroaching on your living space or it’s just simply unfeasible for them to stay with you.

Websites such as CyberRental and HomeAway make it extremely easy to find and book a vacation home, so check them out today.


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