“The Deal is On”

We all know that shopping with one or more people can net some great benefits, since you can take advantage of all those offers that give you extra discounts when you buy one or more of a good or service.  This is the idea behind the groupon, scaled up so that the people with whom you are “shopping” are complete strangers.

The groupon works the same way as a coupon.  It offers a service at a discounted price for a certain amount of time.  But the customer actually has to purchase the coupon first, because merchants are willing to offer such deep discounts only on the condition that a certain number of customers will buy the groupon.  Once a certain number of customers has purchased the groupon, it becomes effective.  For example, the site recently offered the following groupon for Washington, DC: the choice of one facial or two mani-pedis at the Hela Spa, valued at $240, for $60.  Twenty people needed to purchase the groupon in order for it to be effective; 615 people ended up buying it.

I would advise that you purchase a groupon only if you are pretty sure you will actually use it.  You don’t want your money tied up in coupons that you end up not using.  But I would also suggest that you take a risk every once in a while.  The opportunity to buy a groupon is limited, but most of the groupons have expiration dates several months down the line.  And if you end up not using it, you can always sell it someone you know.

The Groupon site currently offers groupons in over twenty cities across the United States.  Simply subscribe to the site to stay updated on the latest deals.  And don’t just subscribe to the city you live in, check back regularly for cities you are planning to visit.  You never know what you might find.  New York currently has a groupon for rocking lessons and Chicago for tandem skydiving.