Amtrak Adds Bonus Points to Double Points Deal, If You Got the Email

In previous posts on travel deals, we have encouraged readers to pre-register for any free promotion on airlines or Amtrak that may potentially be relevant to them.  Many times, airlines will send emails to frequent flier customers advertising a bonus miles campaign.  If there is any likelihood that you might be eligible for the promotion (e.g., travel to a specific destination during a predefined period), you should sign up for the deal as soon as it hits your inbox.   That way, if and when you plan your trip, you won’t risk missing out on any bonus deals.  Also, some promotions are only available to customers who received an email about it and have to be redeemed through links included therein.  Therefore, if you delete that email or forget to look for it before booking your travel, you may also miss out.

Amtrak’s latest move to lure more travelers to trains during the holiday season drives this point home.  In September, we told you about Amtrak’s Double Days promotion, through which you can get double Amtrak Guest Rewards points until December 19th.  This past week, Amtrak emailed all customers who had signed up for the promotion and offered them an extra 250 bonus points for taking a trip on Acela or 100 bonus points for a trip on any other Amtrak train between November 4 and December 19, 2009.  Now, if you did not sign up for the Double Days promotion mentioned earlier, you did not get an email about this bonus, and there are no links on the Guest Rewards website for it.

If you think you might travel by train sometime between now and December 19th, sign up for the Double Days promotion today.  Maybe Amtrak will surprise you with extra offers too.


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