Bonus Miles on United to Warm You Up for Winter Travel

In airline loyalty programs, bonus offers and promotions abound – but usually not for the most popular flight routes.  But until March 31, any round-trip flight on United Airlines can earn you some hefty Mileage Plus bonus miles.

United’s “Fly early, fly often and earn big” promotion is offering members of its frequent flier program 1,000-4,000 miles for the first flight taken between January 1 and March 31, 2010, and 2,000-8,000 for the second and third flights taken during that same period.  The exact number of bonus miles will depend on the month in which you take the return leg of your flight, according to this table:

Flight                  January                     February              March
1st Flight                4,000                     2,000                     1,000
2nd Flight               8,000                     4,000                     2,000
3rd Flight               8,000                     4,000                     2,000

This is a great deal for the frequent flier, especially for those who take shorter routes such as the Washington, DC – Newark shuttle, for which the base miles earnings are small.  With this bonus, three round trips on this route could earn you the standard 1,500 miles or so plus 2,000 to 8,000 miles!

But this promotion rewards the occasional traveler, too, as it offers the largest bonus for the first flight rather than the second or third.  To register for this promotion, just log into your United Mileage Plus account and click on “my promotions” in the “earn miles” tab.  When booking a flight, you can make sure it is eligible for this bonus deal by entering the promotion code, MPD689, in your flight search.  And if you took a flight on United earlier this year, you may still get the bonus – according to eligibility rules, you must register within 30 days after travel.

Winter travel is laden with uncertainties.  But with this promotion, United is making it so that scoring some bonus miles does not have to be an added ordeal.


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