Relief for Retirement

Good news, the 401(k) match is back!  According to Chavon Sutton at CNN Money, 80% of the companies that suspended or reduced their 401(k) programs are planning to restore them this year.  When many companies stopped their 401(k) match programs last year, I suggested that people stop contributing to their 401(k) accounts and instead start investing elsewhere, such as by opening a Roth IRA account.  But now that they are back, if you’re given the option, jump back into the game and start contributing to your 401(k) accounts again.  Click here to find out why the match is such a great benefit offered by companies and why you can’t afford not to match.  If you have had to scale back on saving for retirement or have simply never been able to save because more urgent matters keep cropping up, this is the perfect incentive to start.

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