’s analysis of several frequent flier programs – So You Can Choose What’s Right for You

This month, has a fresh article outlining the pros and cons of various frequent flier programs available, which can help you sort out your mileage accounts and maximize your savings for free trips.  To read the article, click here.

At Money Under Your Futon, we strongly encourage readers to sign up for airline frequent flier programs when traveling.  They are free, and can potentially prove useful even to the very occasional traveler, since, in most of the US-based airlines’ programs, miles do not expire as long as there is an activity in the account.  And even if they do, you are no less worse off than if you hadn’t signed up in the first place.

In a previous post, we provided an introduction to frequent flier programs, summarizing how they work and their benefits.  But with each airline running its own program, deciding for which one to sign up can be daunting.  A previous article we covered offered some tips to get the most out of your miles.  With this one,  you can get more guidance on choosing the right frequent flier program for your travel habits and goals.


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