May 15: Mark Your Calendar for a Visit to the IRS

Next Saturday, May 15th, the IRS will be hosting open houses in about 200 locations throughout the country to help tax payers with their tax issues.  The event is open for questions from both individual filers and small businesses.
The last open house held by the IRS was in late March, mainly to help with tax filing.  But even with the filing deadline now long gone, the IRS has made it clear that the upcoming open house can still help you file if you missed the deadline or got an extension.  Those who already filed their 2009 tax return may also find the open house useful, as IRS professionals will also be available for one-on-one talks about repayment options for those struggling to pay their taxes as well as about audits and other notifications.
For a list of IRS locations that will be open next Saturday for the event, click here.  The open house will run from 9am to 2pm, and the IRS estimates that in the last event 88% of those who went to the open house had their problem solved the same day.

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