JetBlue’s BluePass: Only 2 Weeks and 2 Pass Types Left to Buy

If you live in Boston and expect to travel frequently around the East Coast between August 22nd and November 22nd, 2011, or live in the East Coast but will be traveling out to Boston a lot during the next 3 months, you should check out JetBlue’s current BluePass sale. The same goes for those of you who live in the LA area and are looking to travel around the West Coast or to Chicago, Vegas or Austin.

I wrote about the BluePass a couple of weeks ago, but, as an update, the Boston All ticket is sold out now. The Boston Select ticket, which allows unlimited travel between Boston and 13 airports in the East Coast plus Bermuda from August 22nd to November 22nd is still available for $1,499. The Long Beach Select is $1,299 and allows unlimited travel during the time period to 9 different cities. For a list of cities or to learn more about the terms and conditions, check out my previous post.

If you choose to get the BluePass, note that the offer is no longer showing on JetBlue’s homepage but is available until August 31, 2011 and can be found here.


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