Get Ready for Sales Tax Holiday Weekend 2009

Mark your calendars for shopping this weekend.  In several states this coming Friday, August 7th, kicks off a 2 or 3 day sales tax holiday, with back-to-school preparations in mind.  But this does not mean you have to be in school to benefit: most participating states are waiving sales taxes on any clothing purchase up to $100 (a maximum of $100 per item or per purchase, depending on the state; but if your state does the latter, just separate your items into more than one purchase under $100 if you can) and many are also including footwear and computers.  For a full list of states and items covered, visit the Federation of Tax Administrators’ website also has a good summary, but the information for DC is outdated.  The early August tax holiday in the District, which is usually longer than the 2-3 standard, has been repealed (still no news on the November one) for fiscal reasons.  But DC residents need not miss out on the benefits – a short trip on the metro into Virginia over the weekend should do the trick.  The state of Virginia is waiving its (already lower than DC’s) sales tax from this Friday to Sunday on school supplies with a sales price of up to $20 and clothing and footwear items priced at up to $100, with an unlimited number of items or total cost.  A list of eligible and ineligible items is provided by the VA Department of Taxation.

With sales taxes ranging from 4% to almost 10%, purchases of eligible items in participating states will effectively come with quite a generous discount this weekend.  So if you were planning on buying clothes, computers, or other eligible items in the near future, this weekend looks like the perfect time to go shopping, rain or shine.